Hollywood Beauties That Found Their Fountain Of Youth With Their Looks And Charms


Most Hollywood fans would consider Salma Hayek as one of the luckiest people in the industry. She’s blessed with top-notch looks and outstanding talent and she’s also fortunate to have found the billionaire François-Henri Pinault as her spouse. With her status after their marriage, she’ll never have to worry about her credit cards when they go out and do some shopping.

Though she already had a comfortable life even if she’s not doing some acting projects, she still accepts acting jobs from time to time. Probably, to satisfy her passion for her craft. She’s expected to appear in the upcoming film The Eternals and the Bliss that is currently in the pipeline. At 55, Salma has retained her youthful glow and looks. How did the actress do it? Simple, she learned everything she needs to know about skincare¡ª from her beauty routine to how she sees beauty¡ª from her grandmother, who is trained in cosmetology.