Julia Roberts is a well-known American actress who was born on October 28, 1967, in Smyrna, Georgia. Within the last few years, this celebrity has quietly sold off a few of her real estate properties in the country, including her homes in New York and Malibu. She isn’t all about minimizing her portfolio, however, for she also recently bought a century-old house located in San Francisco.

For those who don’t know anything about the area, her decision might seem confusing to you. It is because she chose to stay in a quiet, family-friendly, secluded, and pricey neighborhood that is nearby to amazing schools. The price tag on this beautiful Victorian Revival? A cool and staggering $8.3 million as per property records. The house has five floors, five bedrooms, and four and a half baths. It was designed and built by the architect Sylvain Schnaittacher between 1907 and 1908 and was removed by John Wheatman. The total floor space is 6,245 square feet, and like most homes from that period, it also features partial slate roofing.


She often portrays action heroines, but at the end of the day, Scarlett Johansson retires to an uber-relaxing home in the Los Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles, California. The 3,500-square-foot property, which she bought in 2014 under the watchful eyes of the media, is located at the end of a nondescript cul-de-sac. We are pretty sure she’s invested in the best home security systems to further ensure privacy.

First built in the 1940s, the mansion comes with four bedrooms, four full baths, and also two and a half baths. The outdoors features a landscaped garden, while the living spaces are separated by glass sliders—allowing for plenty of natural light. Amenities include a spa, a dining terrace, and a pool with a cabana. With a massive $165 million net worth, actress Scarlett has the means to buy a grandiose mansion where she can lay in bed after a tiring day at work.


The professional wrestler turned actor is in the process of slowly expanding his real estate portfolio, too. Aside from owning a gorgeous property in Florida, he made investments in a house in Georgia late last year as well. The estate, which was once a horse farm, covers 14,791 square feet of land and comes with eight bedrooms—more than enough for his growing family and friends.

The main house sits on over 46.3 acres of land, with several various structures on the property such as a pool and a farmhouse. Other than this farmhouse, which is a century-and-a-half-old, and a large saltwater pool with its very own pool house, the property also includes a full 12-stall barn with an attached riding arena. His new home is designed similarly to a French country manor, with tall ceilings and walnut floors. The family also gets to enjoy the library that comes with its own fireplace!


The Chateau Miraval is a chateau and vineyard found in a village in Correns, somewhere north of Brignoles, which is a village in the Var department in South of France. It was once the shared home of the former couple, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, along with their children. Since they split up, however, the two stars have been working to decide who gets to keep the expansive property.

The French castle is worth an estimate of $67 million, and it comes with 35 bedrooms—perhaps better suited for a chic hotel rather than a private home. On the property, there’s also a vineyard that still actively produces wines, a moat, gardens, ancient aqueducts, fountains, a chapel, and a pond. Both made investments in the home and we don’t know who can claim them should the property manage to sell. For now, we just have to wait and see who ends up with ownership of the estate property.


Here’s another celebrity home that we got to see more of due to the situation today. Demi Moore has always been private and secretive about her personal affairs, only providing glimpses of her home throughout the years. The lavish “zen treehouse” is located above the Hollywood Hills and features plenty of open spaces and high ceilings, which lend a breezy ambiance to the residence. The various plants and greenery that surround it further create a feeling of serenity as well as privacy throughout.

The interiors boast of wood flooring and panoramic ceiling-height windows, which would make it easier to look at the surrounding view. What’s the price tag on this celeb home? A staggering and expensive $3.4 million. There’s no doubt that she can afford to purchase this extremely expensive mansion without having to rely on cash loans as she already amassed a total net worth of $200 million in her career as an American producer and actress.


The actor-producer seems to be keen on building his real estate portfolio and having various investments around the Los Angeles area. Aside from his West Hollywood property, Tobey Maguire also picked up a $6.9 million midcentury-style home in Brentwood just last year. A residence that previously belonged to famed producer Nina Jacobson, who worked with architect Bruce Bolander and designer Jamie Bush to turn the mansion into the elegant yet minimalistic house it is today.

The renovated mid-century style mansion comes with four bedrooms, and five and a half baths. It comes with an open layout that allows for plenty of natural light inside the home. The minimalist aesthetic is complemented by hardwood accents and polished-concrete flooring.
Other amenities include a children’s play area, a home cinema, outdoor living space, a large manicured lawn surrendered by various towering plants, which help in blocking the 3,500-square-foot house from eyes on the streets.


The media mogul owns a number of properties across the country, and one of her most recent investments? This 1919 Spanish-revival estate, built by renowned architect James Osborn Craig, is located in California. While quite humble in size, it makes up for it through elegance and charm. We’re sure Oprah immediately fell in love with the vaulted beam ceilings and hardwood flooring, which give the space a cozy cabin-like feel.

The home previously belonged to Jeff Bridges, who made sure that it is not lacking when it comes to more modern features before he moved out. The house features two bedrooms, three toilets, original windows, French doors, high ceilings, and five fireplaces. The residence is situated on about 4 acres of land and also comes with a guest house, an office, as well as a workshop. Oprah also owns two other properties in the Santa Barbara neighborhood, with one being a home that is known as the “Promised Land” and a horse farm.


She may have recently sold off her home in Montecito, California, but the entrepreneur and actress, Drew Barrymore, also bought a barn-style property in the Hamptons located in Sagaponack. Located less than a mile from the beach, this Hamptons farmhouse retreat is certainly quite the investment. It sits on 1.7 acres of land, with the main house covering 5,000 square feet of land. The residence, originally built in 1920, comes with six bedrooms and six bathrooms. To match with her boho sensibilities, the house also features tall ceilings with exposed beams, panoramic windows throughout, an open chef’s kitchen, a family room, a study, and a library.

As for amenities, there’s a foot-heated gunite pool—as well as a guest cottage, which she can turn into a studio. The actress said that she loved the design of an old barn and the history it came with, which is why she immediately fell in love the first time she saw this property.


Owning a number of properties tends to be the benchmark for many celebs, but having a big real estate portfolio can also tend to get quite costly. There’s the insurance as well as maintenance to think of, after all. So it isn’t too surprising for some to sell the fun-filled homes they no longer live in. Such is the case with the A-list actor Bruce Willis’ Bedford, NY property.

The former residence of this actor was sold for $12.95 million—quite a significant increase from its initial value of $9 million. It features two separate houses, a saltwater pool, a tennis court, a wine cellar, a media room, and a gorgeous view of the Croton Reservoir. There are 13,971 square feet of interiors, magnificently staged by LTW Design, an award-winning designer. The main house that covers almost 9,000 square feet is no doubt that the heart of the 22.6-acre estate property.


It’s a known fact that the Oscar-winning actor has eclectic tastes, and leave it to him to purchase one of the most unusual homes in Hollywood. This also extends to his living space, having chosen a $5 million property investment in LA’s famed Hollywood Hills. However, this property also comes with quite the history: it’s a former World War II military base, which was originally constructed in the 1904s.

To be specific, Jared’s residence used to be the site of the Lookout Mountain Air Force Station—tasked with documenting the atomic bomb tests through photos and videos. Cool, right? Over the past 70 years, the facility has transformed into a rambling and colorful residential oasis with a lot of room for work and play. The property covers 50,000 square feet of land, which Jared bought in January 2015. It also has a lagoon-like pool, as well as an outdoor lounge area, and a hot tub. The living space follows an Eastern theme with plenty of art throughout.


When it comes to privacy, Britney Spears deserves the best—after all, she has gone through quite a lot in the past years. Fortunately, her Thousand Oaks property not only provides exclusivity but also comes with top of the line home security systems that ensure ample privacy. The gated mansion sits on over 20 acres of land and was initially purchased for $7.4 million back in 2015. After purchasing and settling in, the mansion quickly became her backdrop for her favorite activities such as posting for Instagram videos, dancing, painting, and her home workouts.

The house covers 12,464 square feet and is situated on a striking Italian-style compound fitted completely in regal architecture and marble, with sweeping views of the Los Angeles Skyline. It can be described as a splendor piece of heaven in the middle of Los Angeles. The house comes with five bedrooms, eight baths, a library, a breakfast room, a chef’s kitchen, and its own wine cellar. Did we mention the property also has a 3-green golf course as well?


With nearly everyone in the world staying at home and with little choice in activities to keep from getting bored, having a lavish house certainly helps make things a bit easier. In Heidi Klum’s case, she could probably stay at home for months with her four kids and her husband, Tom Kaulitz. After all, she’s got everything she needs in her house that is worth a staggering $10 million.

This huge mansion comes with its own wine cellar, a dance studio, a gym, a country kitchen, and more than enough space for her family. The 11,000-square-foot property sits on four acres, so there’s even more space outside! It is located in a gated community and has a sprawling backyard, which is an amazing view from the main house. As for Heidi’s children, Lou, Johan, Henry, and Helene—we’re sure their loving mom made investments towards making them comfortable at home as well.


It doesn’t take a degree to develop and grow the value of your real estate within a few years—well, if you happen to be Eddie Murphy, an Academy Award-winning actor. The talented actor and comedian has owned his jaw-dropping Hollywood Hills property since 2001. Since then, he has renovated the 19th-century Classical Italianate style and made additions to the residence, which now includes a detached 5,200-square-foot guest house! From $20 million, the property is now valued at $85 million.

The main house has 32 rooms that are fit for a hotel and with outdoor amenities to match. Covering over 3 acres of land, Eddie’s property also comes with both riding and hiking trails. The lush and sprawling landscape surrounding the mansion gives a lot of privacy for the actor and tropical scenery that surely adds appeal to the home’s visuals. Eddie Murphy’s neighbors include actors and actresses such as Sylvester Stallone, Channing Tatum, Jessica Alba, Rod Stewart, and Calvin Harris.


Leonardo DiCaprio is a well-known American actor born on November 11, 1974, in Los Angeles, California. He owns multiple investments, such as Blackadore Caye, which is his very own island and eco-resort located in Belize. He also has a property located in Palm Springs—a luxurious mid-century “palace” that is also being rented out for those who can afford the $4,500 per night price tag on it. On this list, however, we’re focusing on his Delos Apartment located in NYC—designed by Shamir Shah and made specifically for the health-conscious.

The penthouse has floor-to-ceiling windows and ceiling heights somewhere between 11 to 12 feet, which all have corner views. It boasts various unconventional attributes that are surprisingly good for the health, such as antimicrobial countertops and doors, built-in aromatherapy, oak floors that improve posture, and a circadian lighting system. For $250,000 a month, you can experience vitamin-c infused showers and a dawn simulation system to guarantee a good night’s rest. With a posture supportive heat reflexology flooring, this is perfect for NYC busy-bees after a long day of making multi-million dollar deals. It truly is a home for a legendary actor!


With her Manhattan pad recently sold, the actress really is ready for a major shift in her lifestyle. Now that she’s a mother, we totally understand why she’s making investments towards creating a family home. Just last year, she and her husband, Benji Madden, were reported to have completed renovations when it comes to their California residence—including adding a one-story family wing.

Cameron first bought the English country home-style property back in 2010 for an estimated $9.3 million. It is located in Hidden Valley and comes with six bedrooms, its own tennis court, a pool, and a 3-bedroom guest house. The couple’s current home is found in the mountains above Beverly Hills, in a gated community, where stars such as Jennifer Lawrence, Katy Perry, and Adele also live. As of 2020, Cameron Diaz’s net worth has reached $140 million, which is why it’s not surprising for her to afford such a house.


If you’re in the market for a tastefully designed residence, surrounded by greenery and with plenty of outdoor space to either expand your home or create a garden oasis, then you will surely love Rachel Ray’s Southampton property. It was built back in 1976 and is a one-level ranch-style home situated on over 6-acres of land. It comes with three bedrooms and five bathrooms as per the listing of Angela Boyer Stump, who is a Sotheby’s International Realty broker.

The interiors are minimalist, with a neutral on neutral palette that’s accentuated by pops of color. The open kitchen is, of course, chef’s quality with grey countertops, white cabinetry, and a wood-topped center island with storage for wine. Needless to say, it’s a very “Rachel Ray” home, and we would expect nothing less. If you have pockets deep enough for this type of investment, it’s a really quaint yet elegant property fit for a family.


Ellen Lee DeGeneres is a famous comedian born on January 26, 1956. With her wife, Portia Lee James DeGeneres, they most recently added this unique home to their property portfolio just a few days after New Year’s on January 3, 2020. It may not be the grandest nor the most expensive, but this Tudor-style residence has quite the story to it! Costing $3.6 million, the house was actually first built in Surrey before it was dismantled and shipped to the U.S., where it was then reconstructed. It probably had proper insurance before making the journey.

The couple bought the house using a trust with Ellen’s business manager, Harley J. Neuman, who is also listed as a trustee for the house. The timber-framed house is worth the effort. It now sits in over an acre of land and has three bedrooms, cathedral ceilings, 2 barns, an orangery, and gorgeous views to boot!


It might be gorgeous now, but it took seven years, starting in 2003 before construction was finished on this 25,000-square-foot property in Calabasas. Designed by Stephen Samuelson, this 9-bedroom home is certainly quite the sight to behold. One might begin to wonder if it even has its own zip code—after all, it does sit on over 150 acres of land! It was revealed that the estate was made and designed to convey Will Smith’s aspirations of a man-made environment.

Given the size of their family, it is understandable why Will would choose to make investments towards this sprawling residence, which includes all the amenities they might need. It has its own recording studio, basketball and tennis courts, a golf course, and even a meditation lounge. Undoubtedly, Will has had the touch of Midas throughout his career, rolling from one blockbuster to another. With hits like Aladdin making him one of the richest actors in the world, he can surely afford properties in this price range.


Her married life with Ryan Gosling and their children is about as private as it gets—so on this list, we’re focusing on the starter home she recently sold. The 1,732-square-foot residence was sold for $1.27 million, creating quite the profit for the actress who bought it for $584,000 back in 2002. This was one of her first investments, and she used to share the three-bedroom home with her ex-boyfriend George Gargurevich.

After selling the house, the actress, together with Ryan Gosling, moved into a much larger four-bedroom and four-bathroom house nearby, which she purchased for $3.2 million back in 2008. There is no doubt that she can afford this type of expensive house since she has earned a total net worth of $20 million in her career. We may not see the actress on-screen as often, but rest assured that she is living the good life—prioritizing her family and focusing on her business, New York & Company.


Their Malibu property has caught the eyes of many—proving their skill when it comes to choosing prime real estate. This time, however, they’re aiming higher: a penthouse apartment located in gorgeous Santa Monica. They must have pretty good credit to be able to afford the $14.5 million price tag on this mansion-sized penthouse. Is it worth the money, you wonder? Well, the photos speak for themselves.

The 8,000-square-foot abode sits on the highest floor of the building with its own Hollywood history. The penthouse atop an iconic 1960s Santa Monica high-rise, which was designed by architect A. Quincy Jones. Entered via two private elevators, the couple can happily enjoy their time looking at the ocean, downtown skyline, and the mountains. The penthouse has six bedrooms, eight bathrooms, and a living space lined with walls of glass. It’s got wraparound views of the beach—as well as the whole of L.A. It comes with seven bedrooms and rooftop access, a feature that we’re sure their daughters Maude and Iris will certainly appreciate.


Aside from juggling multiple jobs as a host, comedian, actor, radio host, and author, Steve Harvey has not much that he hasn’t accomplished in his illustrious and long career in Hollywood both on stage and on screen. He is also busy managing his entertainment company, Steve Harvey Global. All of these investments enable him to further grow his real estate portfolio, which includes this luxurious property located in Atlanta, Georgia. With an estimated value of $3.4 million, this mansion covers 9,258 square feet of land space, and comes with 6 bedrooms, 8 baths, an outdoor grill, and even a mini-golf course!

From living in a multi-million dollar penthouse in Chicago, Steve Harvey and his family moved into this lavish mansion that previously belonged to Tyler Perry. The family often divides their time between Atlanta and Chicago, where they also own a penthouse property. Needless to say, Steve’s hard work is certainly paying off.


Popular game show host Pat Sajak was born on October 26, 1946, in Chicago, Illinois. In his 70s already, don’t expect the Wheel of Fortune host and American TV personality to be retiring anytime soon. He may have taken some time off to recover from his emergency surgery, but he’s clearly not one to stay out of the game for too long and just throw in the towel. One testament to his admirable work ethic would be his $1.28 million mansion in Severna Park and his $70 million net worth.

With a net worth in the multi-million range, it is not surprising when he decided to splurge on this gorgeous and expensive Maryland property. He first bought the residence back in 1991 by putting $275,000 as a down payment, and the rest is on home loans via the Prudential Home Mortgage Co., which was paid off by 1998.


Talk to any aspiring entrepreneur about Lauren Conrad, and you’ll likely get a similar response, often along the lines of she’s one of my inspirations! This comes as no surprise, of course, Lauren is currently one of the most successful girl bosses in her generation. She’s got enviable style, too, to top it all off. One that is apparent in her Pacific Palisades abode that features a refreshing palette of neutrals and fresh tones.

At 5,900 square feet, the property comes with five bedrooms and bathrooms, as well as a top-notch home security system. Unfortunately, Lauren sold the property for $4.75 million a few years back. Lauren first bought the property for $3.65 million back in 2013, which gave her an upward profit of $1.1 million in just a few years. This is why real estate properties are often one of the best types of investments you can ever make.


The expecting mother certainly has plenty to celebrate. She’s got a baby on the way and has also finally managed to sell her LA property for a profit last year. Her Mediterranean villa had been on the market, on and off, for two and a half years, before finally finding a new owner: Michael Chow, a well-known restaurateur. What does an investment of $10 million get you in terms of Hollywood real estate?

This Mediterranean-style residence covers 7,500 square feet and comes with 4 bedrooms and four bathrooms, including 4.5 baths. It also has a guard-house, a detached two-story guesthouse, a pool, spa, and a fitness pavilion. Can you imagine having your own house even if you’re just a guest? It also features hardwood floors throughout, four fireplaces, and beamed ceilings. The master’s suite occupies the whole second floor of the house and contains a Roman-styled bath and a sky ceiling.


With a legacy such as his, it’s not difficult to imagine how much Samuel L. Jackson, born on December 21, 1948, in Washington, D.C., was able to earn throughout the years. His net worth is in the multi-millions, and it is all thanks to the outstanding performances he has delivered and the roles he has played in each of his films. After all, he is a highly prolific actor who has appeared in more than 150 films.

That’s why when it comes to real estate property investments, Samuel chooses only the best for himself and his family. This 11,738-square-foot estate in the Beverly Park neighborhood of Beverly Hills is proof of that. Valued at $8.35 million, the actor and his wife, Latanya, purchased the home back in 2000. It was previously owned by Roseanne Barr and featured three different structures—the main residence, a guesthouse, and an expansive garage. You can also find a regulation-size tennis court and a pool overlooking the hills.


The award-winning actor’s interest in beekeeping, which he started in 2014, may be small initially, but it’s clear that Morgan Freeman has developed quite a deep love for it; even going as far as converting his 124-acre property in Mississippi into a bee sanctuary! We’ve got to give him credit for investing in something so important—with the bee population dwindling, not many people realize the adverse effects the reduced population of bees can have on our environment and on us as well. Morgan said that not a lot of people realize that they are the foundation of the growth of the planet and vegetation.

Aside from his personal residence, the property also houses 26 beehives from Arkansas, as well as a slew of bee-friendly plants such as lavender, magnolia, and clover, which is perhaps the reason why he had never been stung or needed to put on a bee suit or any type of protection when feeding his bees.


Nicole Kidman and her husband, Keith Urban, have managed to expand their real estate portfolio by a lot throughout their marriage, and it is truly an impressive one. They have properties in the United States, as well as in Nicole’s home country—Australia. Aside from this mansion in Nashville and their properties in Sydney, the couple also has a condo in New York and a mansion in Los Angeles.

Their primary residence, however, is the one located in Nashville, Tennessee. Their 10,925-square-feet property, which they bought back in 2008, comes with seven bedrooms and 8.5 bathrooms, a swimming pool, and a tennis court. The most charming feature of the home would be its rustic, farmhouse architecture. The pair are also known for their love of nature, so it’s not too surprising that they’ve also spent so much towards landscaping their residence— which is the icing on top of this beautiful cake.


When it comes to the grandest celebrity homes, Canadian singer Celine Dion’s 5.7-acre Jupiter Island property in Florida is hard to miss. The diva may have since sold the estate off— needing to reduce the price to almost by half before managing to do so— but it’s one residence that’s always worth revisiting. What did this lucky (and very rich!) buyer get for their multi-million dollar investment? Although the new owners are yet to be known, the singer’s former mansion is believed to be a former vacation home.

The breathtaking 20,000-square-foot main residence comes with 13 bedrooms and 14 bathrooms. Indoor amenities include a media and game room. The open-plan living room is sizable, and the bedrooms are filled with luxury all over.  There’s also a tennis court, a spacious guesthouse and, of course, the pièce de résistance: the water slides and pools, comparable to a water park!


Clint Eastwood, born on May 31, 1930, is an American actor, composer, producer, and film director. It is evident that he was smitten by Carmel-by-the-Sea, and once upon a time, he served as its mayor. However, these days, he knew that he was needed to save the land that he cherished, so he has been slowly developing it into one of the most sustainable places in the country, which all nature lovers will surely love and enjoy. With a total net worth amounting to $375 million, it was a possible feat for this actor.

One of his first investments in the community would be the restoration of Mission Ranch, which is now one of the most visited resorts in Carmel. The historic farmhouse would have been torn down had the actor not stepped up to save it. His latest project, however, is Teháma. The residential enclave is designed with the environment in mind. It has its own energy-efficient golf course and a fitness center, among other modern amenities.


The former UFC champion may have since retired from the sport, but all his years in the United Fighting Championship helped ensure that he’ll be able to do so in comfort—without any worry of bankruptcy. Chuck is considered to be one of the best fighters in the world, making quite a fortune in the process, which has enabled him to purchase this 5,932-square-foot multi-million dollar home in the swanky Hidden Hills neighborhood. In fact, he has celebrities Justin Bieber and Kim Kardashian as neighbors.

His humble abode, just north of Calabasas, features five bedrooms and five bathrooms, a huge pool, an indoor spa, vaulted ceilings, and a full-on basketball court where the Iceman can practice his shooting and dunking skills each day. While The Iceman probably can easily take any robbers down who are trying to enter his house, he probably still has the best home security system installed, which he will especially need if he’s not home.


Even before landing the part of Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies, Chris Hemsworth was gradually making his way up the Hollywood ladder. Of course, we have to give credit to his depiction of the Norse God because it gave him very the boost— not just with his career, but when it comes to his large net worth as well. With more cash comes more openings to fulfill certain life dreams—including this flawless Byron Cove property, currently priced at $20 million.

The cost tag on the domain is defended by its sheer scope and astounding landscape, but that’s completely up to individual preference. Situated on 4.2 hectares of land, the home has private ocean access, it’s exceptionally large lagoon pool and up to six rooms. The property is staggering from the exterior and makes it an unforgettable encounter from entering its elegant interior and from seeing its simplistic exterior.


DJ Khaled jets around the world for both business and pleasure. With all that on his plate, we’re certain that the mogul needs a home that may give him and his family all the luxurious and luxury his hard-earned investment money will be able to afford. His current property in Beverly Hills definitely fits the bill. Once owned by Robbie Williams, the property was originally listed for $11 million, however.

Khaled was able to talk terms for a lower cost of $9.9 million. The attractive property is one among the home options in a number of DJ Khaled’s music videos that some of you have probably seen in the past. The residence comes with seven bedrooms and eleven bogs. It additionally comes with a spa, an outside room, and a few terraced patios. As a music entertainer and creator, DJ Khaled should have enough amenities to host huge parties and this property definitely has enough for that.


Kate made a fortune as one of the world’s top models—gracing the covers of numerous magazines and even walking the runway for a few designers during the peak of her career. These days, however, she’s decidedly more low-key after tying the knot with Justin Verlander. The couple currently resides in this gorgeous $5.25 million property LA’s Benedict Canyon. At this price point, she gets a beautiful and spacious property that has room for renovations if the supermodel ever decides to redesign her home.

The residence covers 5,500-square-feet and comes with luxury amenities such as an expansive master suite, double closets, and bathrooms. There’s enough living space for them—as well as any guests they invite over. To ensure privacy, we hope they have ample home security systems as well. We can’t imagine how much it would cost to secure a home of this size but we’re sure Kate can afford it!


The diva’s distinctive, yet nonetheless glamourous sense of favor is shown in her LA home investment. Throughout the years, Christina has assembled heaps of wealth attributable to her powerful voice and raw singing talent. This property is an example of what it means to be a foremost talent. With 11,000-square-feet to play with, we’re not too shocked that Christina has determined to travel all out with the ornamentation of her home and individualize it from top to bottom.

One in every one of the highlights is found right at the hall, where a beautiful chromatic lighting fixture welcomes guests. It’s a good prelude to the living room area. Contrary to the minimalist interiors we’ve seen so much lately, hers is a boudoir-inspired style, with accents of purples and pinks throughout. The $13.5 million home comes with a large walk-in closet, as well as a private recording studio.


Is it a small airport, or is it his personal residence? You can never be certain when you look at the $12 million property home of John Travolta. The sheer size of the estate is enough to make one think if it is really a private residence or a commercial airport. The award-winning actor is a licensed pilot, and it’s clear that flying is more than just a mere hobby to him—his expansive home comes with its own runway and hangar, where his planes are kept.

That’s a very expensive hobby to have, but not if you’re John Travolta. As if having his own airport right at his doorstep wasn’t enough, the actor also has a golf course and multiple pools built within the outer areas of the property. Being the multi-millionaire actor that he is, he won’t have to worry about taking any home loans or getting a mortgage anytime soon!


It’s not always big and bold when it comes to celebrity houses—Joaquin Phoenix’s 2,511-square-foot abode in LA is proof of that. The quaint yet very tasteful property sits on an elevated piece of land that gives it a kind of terraced look. Sure, he went on to eventually purchase the house next door to extend his property, but his home maintains that humble charm that the uber-minimalist design sometimes lacks.

Joaquin’s home is a great inspiration to many people that you don’t need to have huge and grandiose structures to be happy. When it comes to his investment planning portfolio, this wouldn’t be the first one that he’s made in LA. There’s also the mansion he bought together with his sister, Summer, in June of last year. With his net worth bound to increase after his award-winning turn starring as the Joker, we expect more purchases from the actor.


Sold! Despite the coronavirus pandemic taking a toll on businesses around the world, the it seems that the real estate industry is still pushing strong People are now looking for places to relocate because of the increasing number of Corona cases. However, one special sale that was recently made is Reese Witherspoon’s gorgeous multi-million property in the Los Angeles area.

The actress is reported to have sold off this gorgeous mansion in LA’s Pacific Palisades Riviera. Surprisingly, the purchase of the $17 million property was paid through cash, which Reese surely appreciated. For such a hefty investment, we have to give credit to the buyer, who gets over 10,000-square-feet of living space, which features five bedrooms and seven bathrooms and a renovation path that will be viable for years to come.


He first purchased the home back in 2013—above the asking price, showing just how smitten he was with the property. Located at Laurel Canyon in the Hollywood Hills, the renovated midcentury ranch sure is a charmer. It’s got 4,600-square-feet of living space, with three bedrooms, and a modern kitchen. The flooring was refinished, but he’ll likely spend more time looking out of the windows and at the gorgeous outdoor view instead.

The Captain America actor seems to like spending time in solitude to a certain degree instead of the bustling city life and taking a look at this property makes us understand why. The outdoor entertainment areas are fit for a good number of guests and comes with a spa and a pool. Surely one of the main selling points of this home for Chris. The Boston-born actor likes hosting parties and this estate seems to be the perfect place to do that.


One of the 2000’s biggest stars, singer and actress Mandy Moore can be compared to alongside the likes of Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears when it came to overall popularity. Her fortune and current net worth can be attributed to some smart investment planning and her renowned success in the entertainment industry, allowing to her walk away from the spotlight for quite some time. What did she purchase with all that money?

A multi-million property in Pasadena, California. With a lot of expansive amenities such as a private pool, an elegant master’s bedroom, a backyard, a personal office space, the cozy estate is one of the properties on this list that actually feels lived in compared to the rest. Lately, she’s been trying to find her way back into the music industry after a long hiatus. Her latest song, Silver Landings, was released recently to the public. For Mandy Moore, she’s a person that knows her fans miss her and when she finally decides to officially go out of hiatus, then the entertainment business will surely appreciate her return.


The popular mainstream rapper actually owns three properties within the Hidden Hills neighborhood that adds up to over 6.7 acres of land. His third property, a 2,449-square-foot ranch-themed home, cost Drake $4.5 million. His “Mini-Ponderosa” features three bedrooms and two and a half baths, with interiors that go for more of a traditional look when compared to his other properties. The single-story residence was engineered back in the 50s and comes with exposed brick and tall ceilings with an elegant wooden style on the floors.

Despite this property being relatively smaller compared to his other residences, Drake added a bit more of his own personal taste when designing it. The rapper also a number of other properties in his hometown of Toronto, his home residence, where he recently added taller fences to his property for more home security. He claims to have the feeling of being at home here the most, when comparing it to his other residences.


Although the actress spends her time mostly in the Malibu area, she is able to relax in Franklin, Tennessee in her farmhouse which cost a whopping $5.8 million. Miley first purchased it back in 2016, and based from its amenities, we can say it’s worth every single penny. The property comes with high ceilings for light and flowing air, as well as panoramic windows scattered across the estate for residences to be able to see some phenomenal views of nature from the inside, coupled with its rustic look to give it more of a feeling of a cabin home.

For the Hannah Montana actress, she can say that she appreciated the beauty of living in the country. We have to give credit to her for spending her money wisely, because most people would only dream of owning a residence like hers.


If you have the means to get a mortgage for it, then this $6.85 million mansion in Seattle’s Magnolia neighborhood is undoubtedly a steal. Listed by the influential DJ, Ryan Lewis, who is best known for working with Macklemore, the home is undoubtedly remarkable in that it’s a study of beauty in the old world, combined with modern amenities. It has a living area of 7,610 square feet, five bedrooms, and three full baths.

The architecture features gold leaf ceilings all over, accentuated by ornate light fixtures from both Art Deco and French Rococo. With his own personal decorations and models, Lewis certainly spiced up this house, making it one of the most coveted properties on the Seattle market today. He even added a whiskey bar, a home theater, a library, and even his own studio, against this classic backdrop. This property would undoubtedly appeal to musicians as it has all the requisite equipment to spark innovation while enjoying the comforts of being at home.


In her long time of co-hosting Wheel of Fortune, it shouldn’t come as surprising that Vanna White has overseen to hoard very a noteworthy sum of riches as well. Fair how wealthy is she, you might ponder? Well, one look at her palatial property ought to give you a picture. This Tuscan-inspired home utilized to be her essential domestic until it sold for a bewildering $47.5 million! The sheer sum of cash required to preserve this dazzling chateau makes one think almost how much it took a toll to really construct this property.

In any case, the excellence and beauty of the property talk for itself and we’re beyond any doubt that the unused buyers don’t lament investing nearly half a hundred million for it. Did the buyer require some personal loans to pay for it? What we’re certain of is that the property is worth each dollar. From the broad pool, the dazzling arranging, to the roomy interiors—it’s extravagance at its finest.


It was a while back when the actress’ flawless oceanfront Malibu mansion was featured on the news due to disastrous reasons—sea privateers plundering the area of valuable craftsmanship and other costly things amid the Woolsey wildfires. Fortunately, Halle and her children had emptied out the property before the events took place. In spite of the circumstances, the family eventually returned after a while.

The property covers over 5,000-square-feet, with a private shoreline with stunning ocean views. The actress’s house has four rooms and five lavatories, a spa, and a Jacuzzi—so it’s no mystery why they chose to remain! We trust they amped up their home security, in systems after that mess though!


This charming property is located in the historic site of Laughing Park, Los Feliz. You’re probably wondering who the owner is? Well, none other than the award-winning actress and humanitarian Angelina Jolie! The popular on-screen character has continuously been a motivation to other individuals and feasting your eyes at this elegant home gives us more reason to idolize her.

The home is arranged in over 2.1-acres of land and its centerpiece, the Beaux-Arts house the family lives in, was constructed back in 1913 and was owned once by the popular filmmaker Cecil B. DeMille. You’ve got to give credit to the person who designed this property because legacy, culture, and history all combine together to form a stunning property that can’t be duplicated anyplace else within the world. Angie’s strong speculation figures at $25 million, but it’s certainly worth each penny as the domestic gives plentiful room for her children. There’s 7,500-square-feet of living space, six rooms, and ten washrooms, and a fully landscaped garden where they can spend time outside.


Although she’s known for singing dozens of songs about heartbreaks, breakups, and bitterness, we can’t say the same when it comes to Adele’s overall net worth. Her divorce with Simon Konecki will cost a hefty sum, but with the right team and a good lawyer, she’s not filing for bankruptcy anytime soon. In truth, she’s growing her portfolio in real estate, picking up another property in Beverly Slopes a year back.

The singer does appear to be making some investment planning, as her domestic in Los Angeles is one of the foremost excellent properties within the area. The staggering home covers 6,600-square-feet and comes with two living-spaces, four rooms, and six washrooms. Valued at $9.5 million, it’s reminiscent of conventional English bungalows and comes with charming points of interest such as a private plant, and a gazebo to beat it off! Engaging visitors during parties must be an awesome time with comforts as wonderful as the ones in this home.


The former Disney star and Jonas Brothers member certainly managed, even at a young age, quite a small fortune for himself. Joe Jonas may not be as popular as his brother Nick his partner, but he sure knows how to invest his money on the things that matter. Presently now entering adulthood and one step closer to becoming a father with his wife Sophie Turner, it’s not as well shocking that Joe is looking to overhaul his personal residence.

At $3.7 million, we’d say that it’s a fairly good price considering how big the eland is, and it makes it convenient for Joe and Sophie Turne to include more structure in the future when they get the chance. For those with enough investment money in their pockets, the property is 5,600-square-feet and is the culminate starter home.


Due to the current situation brought about by the pandemic, numerous of our favorite celebrities have been giving their fans sneak peeks of what quarantine life is like for them. Among them, Courtney Cox has been very open about sharing photographs of her fantastic oceanfront property in Malibu. Here’s a spoiler: it is as costly as it looks. The actress, to begin with, bought the property for $33 million, and it comes with its own shoreline, a tennis court, and even some small cottages for visitors to stay in.

The insane scope of the mansion makes guests feel like they are in a private resort, which wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say! Given the neighborhood and the current popularity she has right now, we trust she’s contributed to top-notch home security systems well to keep her and her family secure. Most celebrities only choose the highest quality security protocols for their family and we’re sure that Courtney would do the same.


As one of the leading tennis players in the world, Novak Djokovic certainly has amassed quite a fortune to his name. Tennis is a sport that has remained one of the most watched professional sports since 2020 and Djokovic is certainly enjoying the popularity that he’s been getting lately. All of the success that the tennis player achieved is due to his skill and hard work.

It’s a no-brainer that Djokovic worked hard to get to where is currently so we can’t fault him for making this rather indulgent property investment. Located in Miami, his residence is certainly a scene-stealer—a futuristic structure that looks straight out of Tony Stark’s design book. Though it might look imposing on the outside, this home certainly comes with all the luxurious amenities Novak could ask for.
There’s a total of five bedrooms, an expansive dining room, and even a private garden.


Her home has been featured in a number of design magazines and for a good reason. Minnie Driver has managed to turn her 1940’s ranch house into an absolute dream, without compromising the overall structure of the home. Celebrities often sell their houses whenever they want a change but Minnie Driver has gone against the norm and refurbished her home to look timeless. In fact, despite being located in the Hollywood Hills, the residence has a distinctly British feel to it which lets Minnie feel right at home.

Just don’t expect stoic and minimalist décor here—the interior is just as colorful as the woman who owns it, with touches of French country and Bohemian textiles throughout. The latter is a nod to Minnie’s own Gypsy background and doesn’t compromise on the tasteful influence of her heritage. We hope she’s secured it with proper home insurance as well!


From one colorful house to another, Thomas Jacob Hilfiger’s uber-vibrant home in Florida isn’t just a sanctuary where the famed designer can relax—it also serves as a gallery of sorts, featuring works of art. Needless to say, there’s no shortage of inspiration when it comes to this property. Covering 14,079-square-feet, the house comes with seven bedrooms, 12 bathrooms, and a total of 4 entertainment rooms. Perfect for dinner with fashion’s elite, right?

The famous American fashion designer also owns several properties in his portfolio, but this Florida estate is one of the most eye-catching and stunning estates we’ve seen. The property is valued right around $27.5 million, and we’re certain that insurance wouldn’t be a problem for Mr. Hilfiger. After all, the designer has an estimated net worth of $400 million, thanks to his iconic clothing company and the partnerships he’s made with competing luxury brands as well.


Usually, renovations for some homes take about a couple of weeks or months at most. In the case of Jessica Alba’s home, however, it took over 18 months of work—but the result is certainly well worth the investment. The actress and entrepreneur first bought the property in 2017 but needed more space to accommodate their growing family. Together with her husband, Cash Warren, they have three children.

The renovation allowed Jessica to design their residence down to the smallest details and her family seems to be happy with the changes she’s made. She looked into the French countryside and Parisian apartments for architecture for inspiration. Simpson also added a bit of contemporary Mediterranean design, which helped give the place a tasteful yet unique aesthetic. It seems Alba worked with the same designers who worked on Ellen DeGeneres’ property, and these award-winning designers have created yet another masterpiece of a property.


The actress finalized her $5.25 million investment into this property early this year. Located in Montecito just a few hours north of LA. The estate sits on 4,135 square feet of space and the farmhouse is quite a development from its earlier iterations. The house comes with three bedrooms and three and a half bathrooms, along with a gorgeous outdoor space—perfect for lounging around while watching the California sunset. There’s nothing like a priceless view to accommodate a gorgeous home. The mountain views of Santa Barbara make the multi-million price tag on this property worth every dollar.

As for amenities, there’s an outdoor fireplace, a gorgeous pool, a spa, and a custom-built barbecue area. There’s also ample privacy, given its 1.51 acres of land that’s surrounded by fruit trees. Ryan and her family won’t have to worry about space in the future as they have enough space to work with should they decide to expand.


As one of Hollywood’s brightest and highest-paid stars, Jennifer Lawrence certainly gets to enjoy many of the luxuries that come with having that distinction. She is an award-winning actress with a lot of supporters coming from her films and her advocacy for feminism and planned parenthood. Aside from a net worth in the multi-millions, the young actress is also the proud owner of a beautiful Beverly Hills mansion—formerly owned by celebrities such as Jessica Simpson and Ellen DeGeneres.

These properties are one of the most sought after homes in the market today for their heritage, given the legacy of the celebrities that owned them. Her $8 million investment covers 5,500-square-feet of living space and is located in the famed Beverly Hills neighborhood of LA. Lawrence maintains chic décor throughout, preferring neutral tones that make the rooms look lighter and airier. Outdoors, there’s a gorgeous pool and a landscaped garden.


The actress rented and lived in this plush Tribeca apartment for a few years, but that’s not the only thing special about it. There’s a feature that few properties in New York have: a private patio. Such an amenity is a luxury even by celebrity standards, and Keira is lucky to have lived in an apartment that has one.

The residence itself was designed with careful thought, reflecting Knightley’s personal style. Visitors seeing the home for the first time would also recognize the attention to detail. It is equal parts bohemian and chic—an aesthetic that we’re sure its new owners would appreciate. The property comes with three bedrooms and two floors, which is more than enough living space for a small family. Keira and her husband have since made investments in a different property, now that they’re parents to 2 growing kids, named Edie and Delilah. They probably want a bigger place for their growing family.


Lady Gaga owns a number of properties, but her mansion in Malibu is the artist’s primary residence—and for a good reason. The property is one of the most beautiful celebrity homes we’ve ever seen. We’ve been given glimpses of the oceanfront property through her social media posts as well as in her “73 Questions with Lady Gaga” video for Vogue. However, just appreciating it from social media wouldn’t justify its stunning appearance. The property covers 6 acres, stretching from Morning View Drive to the Pacific Coast Highway.

The views are unparalleled and provide plenty of inspiration for the songwriter to create her award-winning compositions. The home was built in 2006 and took inspiration from homes in the South of France. It comes with five bedrooms and 12 bathrooms, with boho-chic interiors that complement the neutral color scheme. Lady Gaga certainly has a home that will stay trendy for many years to come.


It surprised her fans when the New York-born actress chose to set down roots in Nashville, but judging by the looks of her former Texas property, it is clear why she chose to do so. The area she chose for her property boasts an exquisite harmony of nature and modern design, the latter being her home. The four-bedroom home was her primary residence up until 2018, when she decided to put it up for sale. Whatever reason the actress had for selling the home, we are sure she has made up her mind on what her next real estate purchase will be.

The price? A hefty $1.65 million for the almost 5,000-square-foot abode. Quite the bargain for someone with enough investment money to put towards this property! Among the iPad-controlled “smart” mansion’s unique features are an underwater-themed dining room, a panoramic aquarium, a spacious walk-in closet, and a specially-designed nursery.


As one of the youngest self-made billionaires, she is an entrepreneur with a highly successful beauty company and a lifestyle that is coveted by many. People, however, fail to realize how much time and effort the young billionaire has put into expanding her business, so it may come as a shock to some when she flaunts her extravagant lifestyle and purchases on social media platforms.

Even so, dropping a hefty sum of $36.5 million on a new property seems like just another day for Kylie—quarantine notwithstanding. Her most recent acquisition comes with 7 bedrooms and 14 bathrooms, as well as enough parking space for all of the cars in her expensive automobile collection that is envied by many. It’s a hefty investment, but she reportedly got a significant discount for it. Whew! Located in Holmby Hills, one of Los Angeles’s swankiest neighborhoods, it covers 19,000 square feet of living space, four separate houses, and top-notch home security systems.


The trend for most Hollywood families seems to be “go big and grandiose.” This seems to be the case for Emily Blunt and John Krasinski, who made an investment of a whopping $15.3 million for their luxury condo, which doesn’t just come with modern amenities—it’s also got quite a history. The Standish was originally built in the 1900s for use as a hotel. However, it has since become one of the top choices for celebs looking for a home in NYC, and we’re sure that the couple intend on giving the condo a revamp soon.

The building is simply elegant with its design, and even though it has seen a number of renovations in the past, the overall aesthetic hasn’t changed much. Their condo features 360-degree views of the city, tons of natural lighting, and probably over 5,000 square feet of living space. The building also has a gym, a spacious playroom for children, and a 24-hour concierge.


The former Olympic swimmer lived in this cozy family home for a few years before listing it in the market back in 2018 for a whopping $3.5 million. Not a bad price, given the amenities that the residence provides. The house on its own is a brilliant architecture that pays homage to beautiful designs of Arizona homes without looking too mainstream.

Michael initially bought the property for a hefty price of $2.52 million, and it features five bedrooms and six-and-a-half bathrooms. It has 6,010 square feet of living space, expansive outdoor space, and a swimming pool fit for an Olympian. The swimming pool is the main attraction of the house as it used to be owned by an award-winning professional swimmer. The interiors are kept minimal, with a palette of neutral colors and crisp white. It’s the views of Camelback Mountain that really make this investment worth every dollar, though.


Seth Meyers might be best known for tickling people’s funny bones with his sharp wit and comedic genius, but his multi-million-dollar investment in Greenwich Village, New York, is certainly no laughing matter. New York is certainly a high-profile location for real-estate investments, but it seems that money isn’t a problem for the comedian. The ultra-lux property covers 3,200 square feet of living space and comes with five bedrooms. But who would be thinking about sleep when you’ve got gorgeous views of the city and the Empire State Building from your windows?

The priceless view accompanied with the beautiful interior make for one amazing residential sanctuary. The apartment previously belonged to Mary-Louise Parker, but the Meyers family gave the home a facelift with fresh paint and décor sourced from various flea markets—such as ones found in Paris. The Meyers have great taste when it comes to interior design, and it can be seen all throughout their home.


The home has since been sold off, but we wouldn’t think twice about making an investment in Charlize Theron’s former home in Los Angeles. Anyone looking for a modern and gorgeous new place to call their home would be delighted upon viewing this property for the first time. The condo is tastefully designed—it has a mix of industrial and minimalist aesthetics but is certainly not lacking when it comes to charm. The building itself comes with a bit of fun history. It was built back in the 1920s and was originally used as a department store, which means that the condo has ample floor space to complement the open floor plan.

The overall look of the place brings to mind the traditional New York City lofts, with the exposed air ducts and open floor plan. People always love a condominium that pays homage to the classic design from New York-inspired apartments. It comes with one bedroom and two bathrooms, three terraces, and floor-to-ceiling windows.


For someone her age, Taylor Swift certainly has quite the expansive real estate portfolio, with investments in 4 different states. However, all of her properties were bought in different periods of her career, which can attest to how her taste in real estate has changed over the years. In fact, a report from Trulia puts the overall value of her properties at $81 million. That’s quite a huge investment to make, but the famous country singer knows the appreciating value of homes like these, so she doesn’t regret buying them.

Perhaps the most recognized among her homes would be her Rhode Island estate, which is currently valued at $6.65 million. The 12,000-square-foot mansion has been featured multiple times on her social media accounts and comes with seven bedrooms, which is definitely more than enough to host her group of friends! Given its prime location, the home also overlooks the shoreline and has scenic views of both Montauk Point and Block Island Sound.


It’s a wonder why anyone would ever want to let go of this beautiful Malibu estate, but we are sure Patrick Dempsey has personal reasons for doing so. The Frank Gehry-designed property was listed in the market for $14.5 million—double the price of Patrick’s initial investment. The uniquely shaped home comes with three bedrooms, three-and-a-half bathrooms, a chef’s kitchen, an office, and gorgeous panoramic windows that provide plenty of natural light.

Large sprawling windows give the home an extended feeling of space that translates outside to the beautiful lawn. From the exposed ceiling beams to the flooring made of re-purposed scaffolding, it’s clear that much attention has been given to even the smallest detail of its design and overall aesthetics. The lovely combination of rustic wood emanating from the structural elements give the home such a welcoming feeling that anyone who would want to buy it would immediately fall in love.


With his Hollywood legacy and multi-million net worth, we can only expect the best when it comes to our favorite action hero’s residence. The Rocky actor has definitely taken his extravagant taste in his movie roles to his personal life, and it can be seen in his choice of houses. To his credit, Sylvester Stallone doesn’t disappoint with this Los Angeles property, and anyone who would visit his home would see that he truly is one of the wealthiest actors of his time.

His estate is located in Beverly Park, one of the most affluent neighborhoods in Los Angeles. The property comes with 15,401 square feet of living space and features five bedrooms and seven bathrooms, as well as some of the most scenic views in the city. The mansion is designed after a Spanish villa but has touches of the Mediterranean all throughout. There’s also a recently added guest house, which is roughly the size of an average home.


Drew Scott and Linda Phan’s home in Los Angeles looks like it was drawn straight out of a fairytale. Their Tudor-style home in LA comes with five bedrooms, four bathrooms, and a perfectly manicured lawn—though we can’t expect anything less from one-half of the Property Brothers, right? The 97-year-old building was “the one” for the couple, even though it needed some major renovations when it came to the interiors. The result is worth the investment as anyone who would come and visit their home would immediately feel like they’re in between two time periods.

The perfect blend of classic and modern design is undeniably magnificent to look at, and we can’t find anything that we would want to change with the way the house is proportioned. The open plan and interconnected first-floor rooms create an airy feeling. They lead straight into the gorgeous outdoors, where a dining terrace awaits.


The Property Brothers are well-known for some of the best home renovations on TV, so when it comes to their personal residences, we only expect the best. Jonathan and Drew Scott both own a stunning Las Vegas mansion that certainly does not disappoint. It’s got an outdoor theatre, a pool house, and even a sports center! Equipped with almost everything, their mansion not only provide a comfortable living that anyone would ever want but also offer a luxurious lifestyle and showcase tech-advanced home security system. There’s even room for upgrades should the Property Brothers decide to revamp their house.

These two are hands-on when it comes to any project, carefully choosing everything from the flooring, to even the smallest of details, as what can be observed from their Las Vegas home. Now, we get to wonder. Did Jonathan’s girlfriend, actress/singer Zooey Deschanel lend a hand in the process? Zooey, has also shown that she has great taste in interior design with her own properties, but we have yet to confirm if she had any contribution to it.


Pharrell’s most recent acquisition immensely costs $30 million, located in Coral Gables in Miami. As seen from the impressive exterior of his gorgeous waterfront property, the artist is certainly having a good time despite being cooped up at home. In fact, reports suggest he insisted to speed up the construction of the property so he could arrange for the moving company to immediately move his stuff to his new home, making sure he had adequate time to get himself quarantined in his new mansion. That is a smart move to ensure he is safely staying at home amidst the pandemic which for all we know will not be resolved anytime sooner.

So, what did he attain from his multi-million investment? A vast 3.3 acres of land and 17,025 square feet of living space – for starters! The enormous house alone can justify the million-dollar price tag. But here is another fact, his residence also comes with 9 bedrooms and 12 bathrooms, a wine cellar, a library, and about 335 feet of waterfront. The property is perfectly defined as a mansion fit for a king.


As one of renowned music’s icons, Lionel Richie has amassed more than just fame—he has also got a significant fortune of around $200 million. Richie’s wealth comes from all his musical accomplishments as well as some of the businesses he invested. He might come from a different generation, but the famed musician certainly does not fall behind when it comes to trends. This is especially so when it comes to the “go big or go home” lifestyle that is comprised of expensive cars and magnificent palace-like homes.

He has been living in his Beverly Hills mansion since 1991. But do not expect a boring old estate here. The property has seen several upgrades since the musician moved in, incorporating the tasteful combination of classic and modern design, adding a unique vibe of the long-withstanding property. He made a good investment when he decided to buy the house which includes a 17,000 square feet of living space, with 6 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms, a music studio, and 4 garages.


Would you even guess that Ironman of the Avengers would live in a windmill cottage? Notorious for his iconic portrayal of the genius Tony Stark, actor Robert Downey Jr., purchased his current home worth $10.5 Million in East Hampton, New York. But it was originally listed in the market for $11.9 Million. It is possible that his financial advisor helped him out in haggling at a lower price to make that huge difference. With his purchase, the iconic star secures a tight spot in in the list of most unique celebrity homes.

East Hampton estate is a historic residence that was first built back in 1885, known by locals as the Edward DeRose Windmill Cottage—though it has never really been used as one and serves as a replica of the original found in East Hampton. One can only imagine living in a rustic house situated on 4 acres of land with 8,500 square feet of living space shared between the main and guest houses.


The skyrocketing price of real estates in New York is incomparable than most cities in the US. But for the actress Jessica Chastain, buying the $8.875 million worth of property was no big deal. An award-winning actress and producer, Jessica does not fuss about money as she has already made quite a lot throughout her career. Her continuous projects and productions are a sure-fire that she will even earn more.

She has several acquired properties in the city including an apartment in Midtown which is her most expensive investment yet. Regardless of spending quite a lot of money, the apartment turned out to be the most worthy among her properties because: one, she enjoys a beautiful home that allows her the practicality of living in the city; and two, the property comes with 7 bedrooms. The refurbished 19th-century apartment has 6,600-square-feet of living space and 5 floors in total. Quite expansive for a townhouse and perfect for her family.


Since Kimora Lee Simmons’ success on the Baby Phat label back in 2007, not only did she help shape the style of the early 2000s but managed to amass quite a fortune for herself. She bought the Beverly Park mansion for $25 million as one of her investments. If you have ever wondered what it is like to live a luxurious life, Kimora can give you the opportunity to experience that in her mansion.

That is, if you’ve got the means to cover the monthly rent for this not-so-humble abode. As the property is enormous even by celebrity standards, it is more than enough to accommodate the Simmons and her family for generations. However, the decision to have the mansion up for rent is uncertain. Only Kimora knows. For $55,000 a month, you’d get to enjoy the 13,000-square-feet living space, 8 bedrooms, your own personal spa, a tennis court, and an outdoor pool.


The actress and her partner, Norman Reedus, did not need a mortgage loan for their Los Angeles home. The $8.5 million property was paid for in cash, but for quite a discount, given its original market price of $13 million. Located in the Hollywood Hills, near the haunted hotel – the Chateau Marmont – famous for the sighting of ghosts of famous celebrities like Jim Morrison and Marilyn Monroe. Nonetheless, the couple’s 1920s villa is the perfect investment for them.

The property is situated on half an acre of land and covers 7,700-square-feet of living space, four bedrooms including five and a half baths, open-plan interiors, and a walk-in closet. The villa gives that historical vibe plus aesthetics element, allowing that the magical experience around the property. This factor brings out Diane’s artistic side to immerse herself into home design. The balcony is old-fashioned and might be small but offers the picturesque view of the city.


Blink-182’s drummer is looking for tenants for his gorgeous residence in Calabasas. But only if you could afford the rent of $27,500 a month. Hefty sum of money, right? It may seem like too expensive and less ideal for those who will be renting it through their credit cards. But given the amenities of Travis’ property, this is once off great deal for wealthy people who can afford the price. Situated in the gated Oaks community, this property is over 7,000-square-feet of living space. The interiors are painted in crisp white and polished marble flooring to compliment the palette. The property is on an upscale high-end residence, even for celebrity standards.

The six bedrooms and six bathrooms, as well as the private balcony for the master suite are spacious enough for anyone who’s looking for a perfect place to host big gatherings. While the outside has a courtyard, a fire pit, and a column-lined pool—perfect for entertaining guests and family coming over for the holidays. House parties must be a blast to spend in this wonderful home! And there’s a strong possibility that the next tenant will be someone equally famous.


Back when she was active in the music industry, Ciara was one of the best dancers and singers of her generation. These days, however, she’s been focusing more on her family as Russell Wilson’s wife and taking care of their adorable daughter, Sienna Princess. Their home in Bellevue’s Meydenbauer Bay is every bit the perfect place for their growing family. Anyone who get to glance at their property would be amazed at the sheer size and gorgeous design. All the interior and exterior pieces found on the estate were all influenced by Ciara as she takes pride in achieving her goal, something to keep herself motivated.

The main highlight of it is the gorgeous spiral staircase that looks like something out of a fairytale. Her hard work surely pays off the moment she finished decorating her home with luxurious pieces of multiple chandeliers, accompanied with a neutral palette throughout her house. Ciara owns a10,700-square-feet of living space, valued at an estimated amount of $6.7 million. With that property value, we are certain that she has already secure a homeowner’s insurance to make her mind at ease.


She might be spending quarantine elsewhere with her family, but the supermodel owns this luxurious apartment located in the Big Apple—where real estate can be expensive. Aside from having a ridiculous per square foot price, the property isn’t entirely the biggest when it comes to size. The $4 million home comes with 2,085-square-feet of living space which further maximized by its loft-style design. From the photos she shared on Instagram and some news articles published online, the rooms follow a minimalist yet chic aesthetic, mixing neutrals and dark tones. Gigi’s apartment combines the sanctity of contemporary and modern design while paying close attention to functionality.

Her apartment building in Noho comes with several amenities, including a concierge and a fitness center. It is a known fact that having a fitness center at home is common for any supermodels who commonly used this area. Now that Gigi and Zayn Malik are parents to their first child, we wonder if they’re making any investments towards purchasing a bigger home.


The Los Angeles home was the first property the actress bought and the one she’s been residing since. However, with the many changes happening in Vanessa’s life, it’s no wonder she’s chosen to put it up for sale. After years of living in her million-dollar home, it seems like Vanessa is looking for something a little bigger to futureproof for a family.

For roughly $4 million in investment money, the lucky buyer will be getting: 6 bedrooms with the interiors the actress meticulously decorated, adding some personal touch. The building has two floors, connected by a gorgeous staircase. You will also notice the design to be quite bohemian, featuring crisp white exteriors and decorated with Moroccan and Tuscan pieces across the house. The 5,000-square-feet of living space will make a suitable Hollywood starter home. This could be the perfect place, a first step for people who want to live luxuriously but don’t want to shell out tens of millions of dollars yet.


For the most part, even celebrities negotiate to get lower prices to buy their precious homes—often paying in cash to get a significant discount. But, not for Josh Hutcherson. Better known for his portrayal in the “Hunger Games” franchise as Peeta Mellark alongside Katniss Everdeen played by Jennifer Lawrence, the young actor was so enthralled by this Silver Lake property, for which he paid higher than the asking price!

The unique abode has 3 bedrooms and 2 and a half bathrooms. It covers 1,950-square-feet of living space, suitable for a bachelor’s pad. The Hunger Games actor has certainly moved up in the real estate food chain with this purchase and we’re sure that he knows every penny he spent here is absolutely worth it. This multi-million-dollar investment comes with a large deck, set amidst the surrounding treetops offering an outline to a sense of serenity and meditation that anyone would want in their home. His top floor bedroom comes with its own deck and provides relaxing view of the Silver Lake reservoir.


It seems like the trend now for many of Hollywood’s young celebs are to sell their homes to acquire new investments. Lucy Hale, starred in the television-hit series, Pretty Little Liars, is certainly no exception. Lucy may be one of the new talents in the industry and despite being new to the luxurious living of being a celebrity, she seems to get a better grasp on what she wants for in a house.

The property was listed in the market last year for $2.5 million. The Spanish Colonial Revival isn’t exactly unusual in the city of Angels, but the actress has poured her artistic side to add some personal touch to the interiors, giving the next would-be-owners the sense of living like Lucy Hale. The mansion was built in 2004 and covers almost 3,880-square-feet of living space. It has four bedrooms and four bathrooms, with a fireplace especially situated in the master suite and outside is a small saltwater pool with a cabana.


The Malibu wildfires may have decimated this property, but Aussie actor Liam Hemsworth is set on building it from the ground up. The previous home covered 1,980 square feet of living space and had three bedrooms, as well as three bathrooms. Its open layout was perfect for its location, with touches of wood and concrete for the interior and flooring. To his credit, the actor seems to have bigger and better plans for the property as he is determined to get back what he lost to the fires.

He first purchased the estate back in 2014 from Mathew Wilder, following his split with Miley Cyrus. After their breakup, Liam seems to have slowed down and now appreciates the simpler things in life. Now, he’s looking to move on from all of that and was recently reported to have returned to his native country, Australia—something that his brother Chris Hemsworth is elated about.


She may be young, but Chloe has managed to establish quite a career for herself as an actress. This has allowed her to make big personal purchases—including this multi-million-dollar mansion in the trendy Studio City area of LA. This area of the city is popular among young celebrities and seems to house most of the elite neighborhoods where famous people like snatching up a place at to call their home.

Reported to be her first home, the residence was built back in 1998 and comes with 5,500 square feet of living space, which is more than enough for the young actress to add her personal touch and decorate to fit her needs. It has five bedrooms and six bathrooms. Other amenities include a spa and an outdoor pool that has its own waterfall. With her career on the rise, coupled with some smart money management, we’re sure to expect more real estate purchases from the actress.


This gorgeous property has been featured in a number of magazines, including Elle Décor. Her multi-million investments in Hollywood Hills are certainly not lacking in originality and overall beauty, as the actress has made sure that her properties are all stunning and elegant. For this property in Hollywood Hills, the main residence is reminiscent of English cottages. It features a quaint yet cozy aesthetic.

Its walls are painted a crisp white both on the outside and the inside. The interiors come with an open layout and picture-windows, which bring plenty of natural light as well as gorgeous views of the nature outdoors. The area is known for amazing sunset views, so it was a must to curate a design that complemented that. There’s a balcony that overlooks the expansive pool, with lush greens and manicured landscapes throughout. It’s a refreshing break from many of the minimalist homes we’ve seen so far.


Hilary Duff’s gorgeous abode is one that goes against minimalist aesthetics. Her vibrant Los Angeles home follows a maximalist philosophy when it comes to design—and we’re loving it. Hillary has always been known to prefer vibrant and bright colors, and her personality is expressed vividly in her home.

This property has been featured on design magazines such as Better Homes and Gardens because of its unique and positive vibe. The actress’s genius way of mixing patterns and color and her knack for creating a bold yet harmonious look is something to aspire to. With over 9,277 square feet of living space, it’s safe to say that Hilary’s got plenty of room to flex her décor skills as well as her exquisite taste in interior design pieces to complete every room. The home comes with five bedrooms and six bathrooms. We’re sure it’s equipped with the best home security system as well.


The former One Direction member and now successful solo artist might be selling off this gorgeous Hollywood Hills property, but he’s already making up for it by purchasing a total of 3 houses—all located within the same area in London! The $5.9 million price tag on this swanky investment comes with good reason. It’s one of the most beautiful properties in the area, and given the fact that the famous One Direction singer used to live here, the value has increased exponentially.

It’s also in a prime real estate location, as it is situated in one of LA’s most exclusive neighborhoods, affording plenty of privacy to those who need it. The luxury home also comes with a pool, a spa, and a hot tub to top it off. It’s best suited as a bachelor or bachelorette pad, but with a few renovations here and there, a family can fit right in with no problems.


The talented actress and former Disney star has certainly grown up from her days as CeCe Jones in the series Shake It Up. Aside from taking on more mature roles, she has also been living on her own and purchased this starter mansion located in Sherman Oaks back in 2016. It’s a smart investment planning move for the actress, unlike other celebrities her age.

However, Bella seems to be fully content with having invested a reasonable amount of money in this quaint residence as her home definitely deserves it. It can be said that the property has tons of upgrade paths if Bella ever decides to expand in the future. Her taste in décor is just as colorful and quirky as her personality—such as painting an entire room bright pink with a rose-covered wall as its centerpiece. The design elements of the home speak about the personality of Bella and what her possible upgrades for the future might be.


As one of Hollywood’s golden couples, Tom and Gisele certainly look and live the part. Their $20 million property is as grand as it gets—from the outside, one might mistake it for a hotel! While this isn’t their only property in the United States, it is the home they spend the most time in. Their property is one of the more beautiful estates that can be seen in the area, and it is distinguishable from most of the neighboring houses.

The lavish mansion covers 20,000 square feet of ample living space, and while its overall architecture isn’t very unique to the location, it’s got special features that are certainly enviable even at a standard that’s meant for celebrities, and we’re excited to see what their future plans are. Being passionate advocates of the environment, the couple made investments towards eco-friendly additions such as gray-water systems and even solar panels.


The heiress isn’t just pretty; she’s also got keen investment planning skills. Her portfolio covers both the US and the UK, with multimillion-dollar homes in both. Her most recent venture? This expansive estate in Los Angeles’ Hollywood Hills. Touted as “The Spelling Manor,” it is also said to be one of the biggest properties in the area. Petra initially bought it for a cool $85 million, but she has since managed to boost its value to a dizzying $200 million!

There’s no shortage of willing buyers, however. She was able to sell the mansion for $120 million just last year—a record breaker according to reports. The enormous amount of money required to maintain the house alone gives people an idea that the property isn’t meant for just anyone. A true definition of elite and modern living that can only be achieved if you have a high-enough net worth.


The famed retired baller’s Chicago mansion has yet to find a new owner because of the sheer size of the estate. It is quite surprising to see that no one has dared to snatch up this unbelievably stunning property. The 56,000-square-feet mansion has been on the market for years and has undergone price chops due to the longevity of the listing—with Michael even offering a complete set of Air Jordans as a package deal—but to no avail.

It seems that Michael Jordan’s mansion seemingly serves as a monument of his greatness. Whilst a whopping $100,000 in annual property taxes won’t lead to bankruptcy, it sure is a lot of money to spend on a house he no longer resides in. Perhaps it’s the grand scale of this property that’s intimidating buyers from making an investment. It is 7 acres, after all, and comes with a basketball court, a gym, and even a luxurious man cave.


After leaving his previous house, which received a lot of flak online—with people comparing it to things such as salad spinners and a stack of CDs—Justin and Hailey Bieber transferred to a Beverly Hills property that is worth $8.5 million. The new property has a Mediterranean and modern design that pairs well with the young couple. One of their latest investments—and their current love nest—has plenty of merits to its credit as the amenities range from your basic ones to specialized and commissioned areas that the singer specifically requested.

The architect for this home must be very proud that a high-profile celebrity such as Justin is now residing in it. There’s 6,100 square feet of living space, five bedrooms, and seven bathrooms. The rooms are more than enough for the couple even if they decide to raise a family in the near future. Even while in quarantine, the young couple sure enjoys their own wet bar, wine cellar, games room, and home theater.


The talented singer and entrepreneur has made investments in a few properties across the United States. She once even rented a gorgeous North London property for £16,000 a week for an entire year! Needless to say, money is no issue for Rihanna, who has managed to turn herself into one of the biggest brands in the world. Her home in the Caribbean is a testament to her success. It’s quite interesting to think about how the singer’s taste in homes has evolved through the years, and we’re certainly excited to see what plans she has for this stunning property in the future.

The opulent mansion is where she visits during holidays, and it comes with all the amenities she needs, such as a spa and a private gym. Staying in this home during quarantine should be a royal experience even for a high-profile celebrity such as Rihanna. There’s also a private dock for when she decides to invest in a personal luxury yacht, perhaps?


Together, these superstars have a net worth of over a billion—so it isn’t too surprising to learn that when it comes to making and choosing personal investments such as their home, Beyoncé and Jay-Z go all-in. Their Bel Air property was first bought back in 2017 for a hefty price of $88 million, and that doesn’t even include all the priceless furniture and decorative pieces that the couple has added and carefully curated through the years.

It was reported to be the most expensive real estate purchase of that year, and it came as no surprise that it was made by none other than the legendary Jay-Z and Beyoncé. The residence comes with 30,000 square feet of living space and comes with wellness facilities, such as a private spa. A special feature of the ultra-modern home can be found in its windows—these, along with the pocketing glass walls—are all bulletproof.


The running back scored himself a beaut when he bought this waterfront property in Richmond. It may have cost him a $3.6 million in investment money, but every penny is well worth it. The house speaks for itself, and with a property this stunning, who wouldn’t want to spend a pretty penny just to enjoy it? Not only does it provide him with gorgeous views of the San Francisco Bay, but the 7,000-square-feet mansion also makes for the perfect family home.

Lynch can comfortably raise a family without having to worry about the lack of space or amenities to accommodate his family members. It comes with five bedrooms and six bathrooms, a home theatre, and even an elevator to help him get around. The residence also comes with a wine cellar and a boat dock. No wonder it’s considered to be one of the most expensive houses among NFL players!


Kevin Durant of the Golden State Warriors, one of the NBA’s most recognizable star athletes, earns millions each season. The famed basketball player has made more money during his time in Golden State than when he was in Oklahoma. To round everything off, the NBA player has an estimated net worth of over $170 million. However, his investments tend to be on the more practical side. Case in point: his Malibu property, which was valued at $12.15 million.

That’s certainly a modest price tag for someone who has the money to buy anything he wants. The athlete lived in this residence for a few years but has only recently put the stunning estate up for sale. Like many modern homes, it features an open floor plan and comes with overlooking views of the ocean. It was first built in 1976, but Kevin’s done plenty of renovations—further increasing its value.


Carson may have since retired from the NFL, but he’s certainly doing so whilst practicing some smart investment planning practices. The former NFL star is now seen enjoying the wealth he’s accumulated since he started his career in professional football. Palmer has also been quietly putting up some of his properties back on the market, and among these, his home in Del Mar is the most expensive. That being said, the price tag is immediately justified once you see the property.

The oceanfront home was initially bought for $4.75 million and was sold at $5.8 million back in 2017 to an undisclosed buyer. Carson lived in this home for over a decade and made a lot of great memories in the house. The residence covers 3,809 square feet of living space and comes with four bedrooms and three-and-a-half bathrooms. Outdoors, there are three decks and a landscaped garden, as well as a dining area.


People often joke about Matthew living in a trailer—this is due, to a large degree, to his laidback reputation. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. The award-winning actor has more than enough money to buy any house in the world. McConaughey’s lakefront residence property is in Austin and covers 8.75 acres of land. It is one of the biggest properties in the area with a ton of expansion possibilities.

The centerpiece mansion spans 10,800 square feet of living space and comes with 3 storeys, seven bedrooms, eight bathrooms, a 4-car garage, and a 7-boat slip just downhill from the property. Spending time in this beautiful home certainly justifies the fact that McConaughey is far from the trailer bumpkin that people label him as. The home also comes with a modern kitchen, service areas, and private family quarters, as well as gorgeous views of the lake. With his career on a steady rise, bankruptcy is certainly not a worry for the actor and his family.


This is one home that’s got quite the star-studded past because of the numerous celebrities that have once called it their own. Aside from being previously owned by the talented Dick Van Dyke, the construction crew that worked on it also counts a young Harrison Ford among its numbers, and that comes as a shock to most people who didn’t know about the history of the property. The Italian-inspired villa doesn’t need a famous name to boost its value, however. It has beautiful architecture, with hardwood and marble accents throughout its structures highlighting the classic

European design. The original look and aura of the home hasn’t changed that much since its construction, and the current owners who have decided to make a huge investment in it are definitely maintaining it with the utmost care. The opulent residence comes with three bedrooms and five and a half bathrooms. True to style, it’s also got a wine cellar and a luxurious dining room. With neutral tones from flooring to ceiling, it’s certainly pleasing to the eye.


In NYC, it’s all about the condos and penthouses because of the lack of ample living space. Such is the case when it comes to Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel’s Tribeca property. Valued at $28 million, this glamorous couple’s NYC residence comes with four bedrooms and gorgeous arched windows, which bring in lots of natural light and provide stunning views.

The condo that this couple owns has a hefty price tag that can sometimes feel overpriced when weighed with the amenities and features it has, but that price range is normal in New York City. This property also comes with ample outdoor space—making this investment a rarity when it comes to the Big Apple. You would be surprised at how spacious the indoor area is. The best bit is that there’s even an indoor pool where the family could enjoy a bit of time together without worrying about privacy.


When it comes to real estate investments, Alan Jackson knows it is more satisfying to build from the ground up. Jackson’s perseverance and effort to make his dream house a reality is certainly admirable. Featured here is his mansion in Tennessee, which was built from scratch from the landscape to the building itself. The lakeside mansion took nearly two years to finish and was inspired by Tara from the film Gone with the Wind. Jackson definitely knows where to find inspiration as the film cast won numerous Oscar nominations during its time.

Their plantation-style family home covers 18,622 square feet of living space and was completed back in 1997. It is a very traditional family home with formal dining and living rooms. Amenities include a game room, a home cinema, and even a custom pub. The outdoors feature basketball and tennis courts, a boathouse, a pool, and an expansive garage.


We were first introduced to the snarky yet charismatic character of Barry Weiss through A&E’s television series, Storage Wars. Fans of the TV personality know that when it comes to business, his no-nonsense attitude has helped him rise to the top and go beyond the competition. The same applies to his more personal assets, such as his residence in Beverly Hills, which is quite simple and down-to-earth despite his net worth.

He’s got a comfortable $10 million net worth, but he chose a more practical abode that doesn’t skimp on quality and aesthetic value. His money management skills helped him expand his real estate portfolio, but his primary residence is this 4-bedroom mansion in the affluent Laughlin Park neighborhood. If you see the home for the first time, you wouldn’t think that Barry Weiss lived in it as it features a simple yet elegant exterior design. We can only imagine what kind of valuable items Barry got from the show and keeps in this home!


Following the trend of celebrities putting properties on the market, the iconic actress’s LA home was sold for $8.5 million—less than the original asking price, but still quite a hefty price tag and a worthy investment. We’re not sure why the home sold for less, but we’re sure that this property has a value much higher than what it was listed for. The residence comes with three bedrooms and covers 7,100 square feet of living space. The highlight?

The gorgeous ocean and canyon views that are priceless for any standard of modern home living. The beautiful property is located in the exclusive Trousdale Estates neighborhood, where a number of other celebrities are located as well. It can even be said that Fonda’s home is one of the more original designs in the area and has room to become even more spectacular. The interiors feature an open layout with exposed ceiling beams and eye-catching hardwood flooring. Outdoors, there’s a solar-heated pool, a fire pit, and a landscaped garden surrounded by trees.


Brooklyn is among the more colorful and culture-rich neighborhoods of NYC, often drawing in various creative-types who are looking for inspiring homes to live in. Among them is actor Matt Damon, who recently dropped some serious cash—$16.75 million—for one of the locale’s most expensive condo properties. With his multimillion-dollar net worth, this would have been a no-brainer for Matt, and even with the expensive interior and exterior pieces he’s added, he can still ignore the cost of the total property.

The residence comes with around 6,000 square feet of living space. It features six bedrooms—just enough for his wife, Luciana, and their four children. However, should the actor decide on adding rooms in the future, he has ample space to work with. The building also has its own gym and top-notch home security systems, which is a priority for the family as they are pretty well known around the area.


Both Ashton and Mila are known for their laid-back personalities, often shying away from media attention. So it’s not too surprising that they chose a home outside of the usually-celeb-filled neighborhoods of LA. However, the house is anything but conservative as it has many features that you won’t find in other homes. The couple’s beach house is located just a few miles out of Santa Barbara in the coastal locale of Carpinteria.

From the outside, it’s easy to see why they chose to make an investment in this spot: the deck offers gorgeous views of the surf, making it the perfect getaway for their family. Spending time at home in quarantine must be a blast for their family as this home has everything they would need, from entertainment to recreation. The interiors feature high ceilings, wood flooring, and an open layout, which we’re sure their kids would enjoy running around in.


As one of country music’s power couples, Tim and Faith are actually fairly low-key people. That said, their choice in properties can only be described as opulent. We can only imagine how much this enormous property cost just to construct. It’s quite surprising to know that behind the creation of this beach house was a dream house that the couple has been planning for years.

The estate took nine years to complete! They initially decided to make the investment in this spot in the Bahamian island back in 2003, then began constructing their dream home on the 20-acre property—but it wasn’t as easy as they thought. In Faith Hill’s words, “We basically had to build a little town,” which is certainly not an understatement given the magnitude of the estate. Their strategic money management paid off, however. The estate is comprised of 8 connected pavilions, with the interiors designed by Ray Booth using naturalistic décor.


This uber-futuristic mansion located in Moscow is where Naomi Campbell and her ex-boyfriend Vladislav Doronin used to live. Now that the property is on the market, we’re treated to a closer look at the unique property. The house is one of the more eccentric properties we’ve seen, but that is because of the personal design choices that were requested by Campbell when she used to live here.

The beautiful house was designed by Zaha Hadid, and this enormous monolith is located in an exclusive suburb in Moscow. It features amenities such as a spa and a personal gym. There’s also a Japanese garden and a private nightclub. What an extensive list of places to spend time and relax at one’s own home! At over 30 meters high, the tower houses a bedroom and bathroom, but the main living spaces are all underground. It’s a unique investment, considering it was also meant to be a wedding gift.


The legendary actor used to be quite well-known for wild parties that he would host at this very home, but those days have long gone. However, the actor did host a few parties before the quarantine protocols were officially set. It may seem a surprise to some, but only a few people know that although he owns a number of properties across the country, he is obviously smitten with this specific investment in Mulholland Drive. His compound in the neighborhood covers 2.92 acres of land. His primary residence there is a 3,303-square-foot house, which he has owned since 1969!

A reasonably long time to hold on to a property, especially for a celebrity who has an impressive real estate portfolio. The house is fairly simple in design, with its wrap-around balcony and picture windows that frame the outdoors beautifully. The outdoors feature a landscaped garden as well as a lounging and dining area.


This property has since sold for a bit lower than the asking price, but this Mediterranean-style villa is still a sight to behold. Located in the Hollywood Hills, this quaint home belonged to Bryce Dallas Howard and her husband, Seth Gabel. We are sure that this romantic abode, which is tucked away in a quieter corner of the city, was worth the investment.

The couple always seemed to avoid the limelight and had limited social media presence, but we are lucky that we can see the house in all its glory now that it is on the market for sale. Bryce and her family moved from Los Angeles to upstate New York, where Bryce is proudly following a more eco-friendly lifestyle and a naturalist approach to sustainability. She recently installed solar panels in the new property—something she wasn’t able to do back in California because it was too shady.


The 32-acre estate holds many good memories for Ron Howard and his family, but the filmmaker has chosen to put it up for sale after 20 years of residing in it. That is certainly a long time and we’re sad to see him let it go, but the producer may have bigger and better plans for his real estate portfolio. It was priced at $27 million and was reportedly picked up by a web mogul and his family.

With over 17,200 square feet of living space, the Connecticut property is well worth the investment if anyone is looking for a complete property that they could call their home. It is a working farm that comes with an organic vegetable garden and a greenhouse. There’s also an observatory and nature trails. The best bit? It is far away enough from the city, so the new owners can enjoy plenty of peace and quiet.


Selena might have sold off her gorgeous Fort Worth mansion, but this new acquisition in Encino might be her most lavish yet. Located in the City of Angels, the property was formerly owned by the legendary rocker, Tom Petty. Selena forked over $4.9 million for the 11,000-square-feet residence that comes with six bedrooms and ten bathrooms. The singer would be able to make music comfortably, thanks to the in-home recording studio.

All the amenities that the singer/actress would ever need is in-house, and with the global situation still worsening at an alarming rate, we’re sure she’s having a great time staying at home. Other amenities include a wine cellar, a massage room, a gym, a pool, outdoor living spaces, as well as a high-tech home security system fit for the young celeb’s needs. Most famous personalities opt for only the best in class security protocols to make sure that they’re safe and their belongings are kept secure.


Kendall currently lives in a home she purchased back in 2017. She might be in quarantine right now, but you can bet she is doing so in style. It comes with 6,626 square feet of living space and is located in Mulholland Estates, providing ample privacy. There’s five bedrooms and six bathrooms, a home cinema, and an open-plan kitchen. There isn’t anything quite like this Beverly Hills home, and Kendall has managed to turn it into an interior designer’s dream. It’s obvious that the celebrity loves every part of her home, and she has proved it to be a worthy investment indeed. The attention to detail is impeccable, and anyone viewing the home for the first time would think twice about labelling the home as a model and not an actual residence.

Her Spanish-style home is framed by lush greens with a classic courtyard and fountain ready to welcome guests at the entrance. The outdoors are beautifully landscaped, with a uniquely shaped pool as its centerpiece. She even had a playground specifically built for her young nephews and nieces.


According to Forbes, the young mogul is one of the richest men in the world, for he has an estimated net worth of over $76.4 billion. With that amount of money in his pocket, he can easily purchase any property he wants, but for Mark, there’s no place like home. His primary home is located in Lake Tahoe and is valued at $59 million. Travelling to and from his properties must consume a lot of gas, but we’re sure that Mark doesn’t have to worry about trivial matters such as basic necessities.

He’s got two houses in the area: Carousel Estate, the property’s centerpiece, is a Tudor-style mansion that was built back in the 1930s, and the historical elements that were kept intact pays homage to the heritage of the building. Then there’s Brushwood Estate, which is the larger of the two residences and was built in the 1960s. Both are lakefront estates.


Stephen Curry is one of the NBA’s biggest stars, and with the money he’s made from the game over the years, Steph recently bought this lavish family home. Valued at $31 million, the 3-story mansion was one of the biggest real estate purchases for the Bay Area in 2019. Quite an investment to make, but with Steph’s staggering net worth, things such as cash loans, debt, and insurance policies don’t really mean anything. However, the former MVP does have his wife to keep him grounded and to teach him how their wealth can be sustained for many generations to come.

The estate covers 1.2 acres of land with the main home hidden behind a security gate, ensuring ample privacy for its residents. Some of its unique features include a space in the home specially curated by Green Studio. This eco-friendly area is comprised of native flora and various lush greens.


From one basketball superstar to another, Shaq certainly requires no introduction. Unlike Steph Curry who recently bought a new home, however, this legend is looking to sell one of his—his $22 million lakeside Florida mansion, in particular. Covering 6,000 square feet of living space, the baller initially bought the property for about $4 million back in 1993.

The value of the property has obviously appreciated over time, but what makes this house special is that Shaq has lived in this home for far longer than other celebrities would in their residences. What that means is that even though Shaq has a $400 million net worth to his name, he didn’t feel the need to keep moving around to find a place he can call home. It comes with 12 bedrooms, an indoor basketball court, a showroom-style garage that can hold 17 cars, and top-notch home security systems. The estate is located in the exclusive golf community of Isleworth, bordering a lake, and is only a half-hour drive from Orlando.


There’s no need to wonder if the award-winning actress paid for this multimillion-dollar home in cash or acquired a loan for it. Jennifer Aniston’s Bel Air mansion is valued at $21 million and comes with 8,500 square feet of living space, but the real highlight would have to be the incredible views she gets throughout the gorgeous abode. The residence itself was designed by A.

Quincy Jones and was built back in 1965. The house did need some renovations and maintenance projects were done to get it looking new again, but with a bank account as deep as Jennifer’s, making a few changes here and there to the house shouldn’t have been a problem whatsoever. It comes with a total of four bedrooms and six-and-a-half baths. Other amenities include a wine cellar, a massive walk-in closet, and a guesthouse, bits of which she’s been happily sharing on her social media accounts.


Sam Elliott and his wife, Katharine Ross, currently own two different homes in Oregon: one in Harrisburg and another in Willamette Valley. The former is the actor’s childhood home, one which he inherited from his mother. The couple often spends a few months out of the year here, turning it into a lovely holiday getaway from the tiring hustle and bustle of the city.

It’s great having options, but we’re sure the insurances on these properties don’t come cheap! Homes in Oregon don’t necessarily have the most expensive fees to keep maintained, but with Sam’s property being primarily made of wood and perishable materials, it does get to be a tad expensive keeping the home in perfect condition. However, we’re sure that the actor doesn’t view that as a disadvantage as this home is one of the best investments he’s made.
When they aren’t in Oregon, however, the couple can be found at their primary home in Malibu. The property survived the Woolsey Wildfires, fortunately.


Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos certainly lucked out on this gorgeous Manhattan property! Located in the Upper East Side, the townhouse is currently the couple’s primary home and was bought for $27 million. There’s 7,796 square feet of living space, and judging by the photos Kelly often posts, the indoor and outdoor areas have all been decorated to suit their tastes.

For what the couple paid for, this property is certainly a stunning sight to behold in the heart of New York city. Anyone looking for a home to inspire them in their new homes should take a look at the perfect harmony of character and rustic design of this one. They’ve added an elegant rooftop dining space complete with a view of the city. Despite living in the concrete jungle, the couple has also managed to sneak in more nature into their space, including cherry trees! Needless to say, this was a worthy investment.


This expansive estate covers 9 acres of land with an expansive 14-bedroom mansion as its centerpiece. It was in 2017 when Jay and his wife, Mavis Leno, first spotted the home while driving along Ocean Drive. Sure, he’s got the credit for it, but can you imagine buying a house on the spot? That’s exactly what the couple did. After speaking with the owner and learning that it was for sale, they went ahead and bought it.

Purchases done like this are pretty common for celebrities, and without diving deep into the impulsiveness of Jay and his wife, the home does indeed speak for itself. Famously known as Seafair, the residence comes with various unique features such as a walled garden and a carriage house, along with more modern additions such as a tennis court. The property also has a wide array of future upgrade paths because of the enormous 9-acre land coverage. Installing a home security system for this place would probably cost a fortune!


Salma Hayek and her husband, Francois-Henri Pinault, were reported to have moved out their longtime LA residence early this year. We’re not sure what the reason is, but it makes people wonder if they’re really leaving for good as the home is certainly a waste to put back on the market. Reports suggest that this isn’t quite the case. Instead, they are looking to demolish their 8,000-square-foot home to build an even bigger 17,500-square-foot mansion in its place.

Rebuilding from the ground up would be a major life choice, and given the fact that Salma is a headstrong and independent woman, we’re sure that she made the decision while being fully aware of the implications. The couple has a 13-year history with this Bel Air property, starting from when they first made investments towards it back in 2007. Some things won’t change even when the house does, however, and this includes their stunning views of the Century City Skyline and the LA basin.


The country crooner is one of music’s biggest stars, and together with his partner, Gwen Stefani, they are an industry powerhouse. People don’t realize how influential Blake has been to country music and the whole industry, but that’s just because he likes living a simple life in the country, away from the bustling city and parade of social media. That said, Blake will always be a country kid at heart—no wonder he chose to make investments in this 1,382-acre ranch in Oklahoma.

The main house covers 2,150 square feet of living space and comes with four beds and two baths. Throughout Ten Point Ranch, there are a variety of red barns aside from outdoor entertainment areas, complete with bonfires. Blake only needs to worry about roof repairs especially when the winter season comes in as it takes its toll on the wooden parts of his house.
The couple also doesn’t need to spend a lot on additional amenities since Lake Texoma and Blue River provide the family with plenty of activity options.


Talk about making your investment work for you. Did you know that the chef’s show, Guy’s Ranch Kitchen, was all shot and produced in his home in Santa Rosa? Chef Guy certainly has an eye for detail as he specifically designed his home to cater to the needs of this production, and with time and effort, the show has seen significant success through the years. He might be known for his being laid-back when it comes to food, but the gorgeous porch-kitchen in his Santa Rosa property is anything but that.

This area of his residence alone comes equipped with a massive grill, a wood-burning pizza oven, and multiple ranges to help Guy cook up the feasts he features on the show. As for the house itself, it’s a reflection of its owner. With an expansive lawn where he can entertain guests, it is cozy and inviting. Of course, it goes without saying that it has a world-class kitchen with all the cooking equipment Guy would ever need.


She’s one of the industry’s most enduring icons, transcending generations of performers and Hollywood trends. Back when she was younger, however, Liza lived with her parents in this 5,800-square-foot mansion located in the Beverly Hills Crescent Drive neighborhood. The actress-singer would later move to a more modest but no less luxurious home within the same affluent neighborhood. Liza seems to have a soft spot for the Beverly Hills area, and with her decision to move back, she can rest comfortably at night knowing that she’s back to her origins.

Her residence comes with five bedrooms, five bathrooms, a spacious living space, a landscaped garden, and a pool. For years, it lay abandoned and decaying, but with some investments towards renovations, Liza’s former home has since been opened for lease at $10,900 a month. If anyone wants to experience what it feels like to live in a home with the heritage and legacy of someone as legendary as Liza Minnelli, then the monthly fee is worth the expense.


He might have gone through legal troubles for a few years, but despite this, Wesley has kept himself, his wife, Nakyung Park, and their four children far from bankruptcy. Wesley Snipes is one of the most iconic actors in Hollywood because of his character in the Blade series. However, the actor’s popularity has diminished over the years, and even though his family now lives in a more modest home, their quality of living wasn’t sacrificed. Wesley and his family used to live in this gorgeous multimillion-dollar mansion located in New Jersey.

The value of this property? A cool $10 million. Some of its basic amenities include a home cinema, a home office, and a pool. The actor and his family has since moved after they decided to make an investment in a different property. They then sold this one for quite a significant loss—its price decreasing to $4.125 million, which is more than half of its initial value.


Bob Barker may have since retired and is out of the limelight, but he will forever be recognized as an icon in the industry. After all, he holds the distinction for hosting the longest-running game show in North American history: The Price is Right. One might expect him to be living in a palatial estate somewhere in Hollywood, but Bob opted for something more humble but no less luxurious.

Bob seems to be enjoying his retirement and quarantine in his cozy Los Angeles home, but we’re interested to know what quirks and features the property has. One can only imagine what the former game show host has in his entertainment room!
It may look plain from the outside, but his home in Los Angeles covers a significant amount of land. It is also a stop in the Ultimate Hollywood Tours, so we hope he’s invested in ample home security systems to ensure his privacy.


The pro-golfer’s property covers over 12 acres, with a 10,000-square-feet modern mansion as its centerpiece. The price tag on this beauty? An estimated $60 million. It might seem hefty, but given his net worth of over $800 million, the athlete can afford to pay for this home without needing personal loans to help him out. Anyone who knows about the legendary Tiger Woods would not expect anything less from the golfer’s personal home.

The estate is about 50 minutes away from West Palm Beach, but he doesn’t need to leave his home in order to find something fun to do. This is especially true considering the fact that quarantine is still in motion and people are encouraged to stay at home to avoid social interaction. Tiger has it all in this property. It has massive pools, a complete gym, a tennis court, and a 3.5-acre golf course that has the specs of a professional course.


The golden girl proves that size matters little when it comes to making one’s home. Whilst her Carmel estate isn’t small by any means, it is much humbler in size compared to the monster mansions we have seen so far. What it lacks in square feet, the house makes up for in charm. Betty shows everyone that you don’t need massive investment properties to feel happy, and with the character and personal taste she’s invested into her home, we’re honored to be able to talk about it.

The property is something that has been consistently refined and upgraded through the years Betty White has lived in it. It’s hard to believe sometimes that the Carmel property has been the actress’s primary home since 1981.
We’ve got to credit her social media accounts for giving us glimpses into the home she decorated herself. Spoiler alert: it’s as adorable and vibrant as she is.


Chris Cuomo is a lawyer and TV journalist who is famous for being the presenter of Cuomo Prime Time on CNN. He is the son of former New York Governor Mario Cuomo and the brother of the current Governor Andrew Cuomo. The Cuomo tree certainly has a lot of prominent people living in New York, and Chris stays true to the tradition with his decision to make an investment in this comfortable and unique Southampton home.

Recently, Chris was diagnosed with the coronavirus and was seen filming his news show in his Southampton basement. We can’t appreciate enough the dedication and passion that Chris has shown despite his medical condition. He and his wife bought this home for $1.3 million, and after a few renovations, it’s now priced at $2.9 million. Appreciating the value of a home more than twice its original price is a feat that not many celebrities can achieve with their properties. The 0.61-acre property also boasts a five-bedroom, four-bathroom spread.


The renowned late-night talk show host Conan O’Brien has had a long-running television career since the ’80s. Conan has worked in the television industry for far longer than most of his peers, and his relevance and influence up until this day is a testament to his talent and dedication. From working one show to another for over three decades, he has accumulated enough wealth to grow his bank account and credit score to a level comparable to famous actors and actresses in the modern show business.

Some of his assets include mansions and cars, and since we’re talking about houses, we’ll feature his 11,600-square-foot home in Pacific Palisades, Los Angeles. He purchased the mansion in 2013 for $19.5 million. It has 6 bedrooms, 8.5 bathrooms, and a 60-foot-long veranda that overlooks the Pacific Ocean and Santa Monica mountains. Conan lives with his life-partner, Liza, in this luxurious mansion. No wonder many celebrities love this neighborhood!


Tom Hanks is known for his award-winning performance in films like Forrest Gump and Castaway. His raw talent and unique acting techniques have won the hearts of many fans all over the world. With his current net worth of $400 million, we are pretty sure he can afford anything he wants. He and his wife actually have several investments, including this property in Pacific Palisades, Los Angeles.

They had purchased this luxurious mansion in 2010 for $26 million. For a property that was bought ten years ago, the home has certainly aged well and has since appreciated in value, giving the couple a good leverage for a new investment should they decide to sell the house in the future. The 14,500-square-feet property has four bedrooms and five bathrooms, and with a few renovations, the house is currently valued at $28.5 million. The duo loves the Pacific Palisades neighborhood that they purchased three homes in the area.


George and Amal are quite the prolific when it comes to real estate acquisition. Do you know that the couple has made a great property portfolio over the years? The glamorous property in London is arguably the most popular one. Their 17th-century restored mansion in England worth $13 million highly speaks about their preference in beautiful homes. It is made known to the public that this couple has acquired many properties across the globe.

Moreover, this specific property is located right beside the River Thames, which they bought weeks after their marriage. The 4-acre estate features a rustic cottage, along with a glass-enclosed garden room planted with citrus trees. The flooring is all Herringbone hardwood, elevating the luxuriousness of their estate. Of course, no proper English manor is complete without a wood-burning fireplace! For its enormous size, their home still maintains a cozy charm. With a lawyer for a wife, the investment planning of buying different properties must have been laid out well.


Alex Morgan is one of the hottest soccer players there is. She is a co-captain of the U.S. Women’s National Soccer League with a multi-million-dollar net worth, the professional soccer player has certainly made great business decisions in the past. Her business-mindedness shows what kind of mental fortitude it takes to be a captain of a national team. Alex and her husband, Servando Carrasco, purchased their home in Florida.

Her Mexican soccer athlete of a husband supported her decision to buy the property. It’s interesting to see two talented individuals living together in such a gorgeous house and seeing them must be an inspirational for media outlets. The location was a great investment for the pair as it keeps them close to their respective teams. However, as of this writing, the Alex has returned to London to play for her club football, eventually preparing to be on the best shape to participate in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics in summer 2021.


Mark William Calaway, or professionally known as The Undertaker, is an American professional wrestler best known for his appearance in World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Inc. Anyone who watched wrestling back in the day know. Sadly, Mark announced his retirement last year. Despite fans disappointment, they respect his decision and for saying it publicly. The retired wrestler is a living legend who left a huge hole in the fighting arena.

He currently has a net worth of $17 million and boasts an investment property in Austin, Texas. As opposed to his on-screen persona, The Undertaker lives a quiet life in this beautiful property with his entire family. While the value of the house is undisclosed, we know it’s pretty expensive judging from its stunning design. It is most likely that the wrestler chose to stay close to his hometown in Houston, a perfect place to raise his child with his wife, Michelle McCool.


We all know American rapper Kanye West is currently worth $3.2 billion dollars. He has attained immense success not only as a musician but also as a businessman. Kanye has always avoided the media because of his dislike for the industry but it’s no secret that his smart business decisions and real estate investments are constantly the talk of the town. As of writing, his brainchild lifestyle brand, Yeezy, has attained the brand’s assets for a whopping value of $3 billion, an astonishing figure because it competes with bigger multi-billion brands on the market today.

In addition to his investments, he and his wife famous model and social media figure Kim Kardashian purchased this beautiful property in Hidden Hills, California where they both live with their children. It is reportedly worth $60 million, and as you can see, its design is minimalist inspired. The 15,000-square-foot home is mostly white in color, and of course, it has luxurious amenities, including a swimming pool and a window-walled master bath.


If you are fond of watching wrestling on TV, then you should easily recognize Triple H, the renowned professional wrestler from World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Inc. He is also the founder of an offshoot WWE brand called NXT. Married to Stephanie McMahon, the daughter of WWE founder Vince McMahon, the couple has a combined net worth of $150 million. Their wealth translates to different business ideas and numerous real estate purchases that will eventually be used as catalysts for bigger projects.

Triple H currently lives in Weston, Connecticut, with his wife and their three children. The mansion is reportedly worth $31.2 million and boasts six bedrooms, an outdoor swimming pool, a home-built gymnasium, and sauna. With their high-profile personalities, the mansion must surely equipped with state-of-the-art home security systems. Sadly, he is currently in a state of semi-retirement, and fans can’t do anything but accept the fact that one of the world’s legendary wrestlers will be retiring anytime soon.


Fans and colleagues of the retired footballer acknowledged Peyton Manning Williams as an icon and considered as one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play football. He has set records that are exceedingly difficult to beat even until today. He played for a total of 18 seasons before retiring in 2016 – achieving plenty of recognitions to which can be considered a bragging rights of his entire career as an athlete.

With the fortune he has made from his combined hard work and sports skills, the former athlete was able to make investments towards this gorgeous property in Denver, Colorado. Spanning 16,464-square-feet of living space, it cost a total of $4.5 million back in 2012. The mansion has three different floors and comes with seven bedrooms and ten bathrooms. There’s also a wine cellar, a spacious garage, a game room, as well as enough outdoor space should his former team decide to drop by.

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