What It’s Like To Be A Child Of Successful Parents?


Dylan Frances Penn is the daughter of a talented and good-looking set of parents, Rоbin Wright аnd Sean Pеnn. Her parents were married back in 1996, but after fourteen years of marriage, they ended hiring lawyers for their separation. Dylan may no longer have her parents together in one house but she seems okay with it now that she’s busy building her own career. She started as a model first and then shifted into a career in acting. She’s definitely one to watch out for in the near future. Of course, mom and dad will always be there for support and give advice.

As for her father, he’s going steady in the realm of show business. He gets a movie project at least every year and has an upcoming drama film entitled Flag Day, for which he’ll also serve as a director. In addition to his film work, Sean is still active in humanitarian work and activism.