People will always remember Loni Anderson as Jennifer Marlow from the CBS sitcom WKRP in Cincinnati. You may think that her role as a receptionist is nothing but a simple character, but it earned her three Golden Globe awards and two Emmy Awards nominations¡ªshe¡¯s that great! Ever since she was young, Anderson has always been one of the popular kids. In fact, she was voted ¡°Valentine Queen¡± during the Valentine¡¯s Day Winter Formal in 1963. Her mother was a model, so it did not come as a surprise that she got a lot of attention growing up, too.

Sadly, despite the accolades and fame, her shine started to fade. Her last TV appearance was in 2917¡¯s My Sister is So Gay, while some of her few acting credits were So Notorious and Baby Daddy. Anyhow, although fans rarely see Loni on both the big and small screens, she still attends red carpet events.