Brooke Shields has been working in the industry since her early teenage years. She knew the basic concept of money management already after she worked as a model. She later entered the acting landscape after getting good reviews for her performance in the 1978 film,?Pretty Baby. She later starred in?The Blue Lagoon and Endless Love?which pretty much solidified her status as a well-rounded actress.

She took a long break from acting in the late 80s and focused solely on her studies. Shields later returned to Hollywood and received a pair of Golden Globe nominations for her part?in Lipstick Jungle. Brooke is now 54, but there is no trace of aging on either her face or skin. She is very confident with the way she looks, thanks to her timeless beauty. Although she is now in her 50s, Brooke said she is?celebrating her body?in a way that she didn’t when she was young.